Banyan Nosy-Be Spa

Banyan Nosy-Be Spa, an exceptional place that brings together the four elements: earth, air, fire and water.

Located in the heart of a 1000-year-old Banyan, Banyan Nosy Be Spa is a temple dedicated to relaxation and relaxation. It is a unique place that invites you to total peace and forget your daily stress.

Holistic Massage

Massage thérapeutique de tout le corps suivi d’un massage de tête avec de l’huile essentielle.

Ayurvedic massage

Massage indien de tout le corps qui consiste à lubrifier le corps d’huile pour permettre à la peau de s’apaiser.

Relaxing massage

Slimming massage of the whole body, which promotes blood and lymphatic circulation.

And much more

Some ideas of our care

  • -10% pour tous soins réservés en avance avec l'hébergement.

  • HOLISTIC MASSAGE (1h30) 40 €

    Whole body therapeutic massage followed by a head massage with essential oil.

  • RELAXING MASSAGE (1 hour) 30 €

    Whole body massage technique based on essential oil

  • FOOT MASSAGE (30 min) 20 €

    Foot massage and reflexology that stimulates the nervous system

  • SHIRODHARA MASSAGE (40 min) 40 €

    Head massage and oil dribble targeted on energetic points of the skull.

  • AYURVEDIC MASSAGE (45 min) 40 €

    Massage lubricating the body with oils (soothes the skin)